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Wisebird Book Club

Hey all!! I just got this email from Shanna:

“Just a quick reminder that we will be meeting next Thursday, May 26, at 6:00 to discuss “The White Tiger”.  I read it in one day…..could not tear myself away.  I loved the movie Slum-Dog Millionaire and this book was another glimpse of India.  Maybe that’s why I liked it so much.  It’s a quick read so it’s not to late to read it.  Even if you don’t read the book, I think you will like the discussion.  There are no spoilers because the “spoiler” is in the reviews at the beginning of the book and in the first few lines.  So join us if you can.

I am attaching an e-mail I received from Wisebird Bookery regarding Book Club meetings at Wisebird.  We need to talk about our options at the meeting next week.  If you cannot attend, please let me know by e-mail what your preference would be regarding future meetings.  See you soon.


Please join us for a fun discussion!

Love ya,



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